Essentials for Every Fall Wardrobe

Essentials for Every Fall Wardrobe

Fall is quickly approaching. That being said, we are starting to see more and more fall items put on display in stores, which means that it’s time to stock up and find the pieces that you need to carry you through the next few months. While the fall in LA may not have the colorful leaves advertised in magazines, it is just as important of a season for us. It’s also one of our favorite seasons to focus on fashion with. Today we’re going to go over just a few of the essentials that you should make sure you have tucked away in your wardrobe.


Even the lightest of breezes can be a little harsh when the temperatures have dropped. Rather than carry around a jacket, one of the best items that you can add to your wardrobe that will keep you warm and complete your outfit will be a scarf. During this time of the year, you can find all sorts of scarves that are made from various materials. That being said, find a few of the scarves that you like. Add a variety of fabrics for different temperatures.

Something that we absolutely love about this accessory is that they make it easy to dress up an outfit, they keep you warm and they can make any outfit look incredible. Since they come in a variation of colors and prints, it’s pretty easy to find one that can suit any need you have.

Button Up Tops

Regardless of where you live, this shirt is an absolute must to have in your closet. Since these shirts button up, it’s incredibly easy to pair with a long sleeve shirt, a tank top, a dress, or to tie around your waist. Wear it as you like and notice how easy it is to keep warm while making a fashion statement. You can find these shirts in flannel, jean, and various other materials, so there’s plenty of options for you to choose from.


Another one of our favorite items to wear in the fall are cardigans. There’s something that is so incredibly comfortable about them, but that still looks pretty formal. If you live somewhere that has cooler falls, you can add a few thick cardigans to your collection and pull them out on the cooler days. However, if you live somewhere that you can still get away with dresses, a lighter cardigan can make for a perfect cover up to keep you warm, while adding that perfect touch of fall.


If you’re too stubborn to pack the skirts and the dresses away when the cool weather comes out, tights are an absolute essential for the fall. You can also find these in a variety of thickness and patterns, but one of the reasons that we love them so much is because you can also find them in a variety of prints. Pair some fun tights with a solid skirt or dress and you’ve got an outfit that people will be complementing.

We’ve only just begun covering some of the essentials that we believe should be included in everyone’s wardrobe this fall. If you’re still looking for a few more items that you can feel guilt free purchasing, make sure to keep up with our blog so that you can find out the others. We’ve saved some of the best products, for last.

You can find some of the essentials that we’ve covered in this blog right when you browse our selection of items. Place your order online and make sure that you get all of your fall essentials before the first leaf falls!