Essentials for Every Fall Wardrobe - Part 2

Essentials for Every Fall Wardrobe - Part 2

Our last blog was intended to provide you with all of the items that you need to have in your wardrobe this coming fall, but as we got to writing we realized that there are so many more that we wanted to cover, one blog wasn’t enough. This blog will have even more of the essentials that you need to have stocked up in our closet, let’s get started.


One of the looks that does get a bad reputation are leggings. While they may seem relaxed, they’re definitely an essential piece to have ready in your closet. Leggings are fantastic when you’re looking to quickly match with a piece of attire, but they are also fantastic for when temperatures really start to drop and you’re planning on wearing layers or clothes that are loosely fit.

Something that is nice about these leggings is that you can also find these in a variety of materials and designs, which makes it easy to incorporate them into a selection of outfits. If you have a wild sense of taste, finding some with bold prints or colorful solids will definitely be something you should be adding to your wardrobe.


We’ve talked a lot about clothing, but haven’t touched much on the type of footwear that should be ready in your closet. As you may have guessed, we are a huge fan of boots! This is the perfect season to pull them out of storage or to add a few new styles to your closet. Personally, we think that adding some fun booties make for an absolutely great pairing.

These types of boots can keep you warm, keep your feet protected from any moisture on the ground, and all while making an incredible statement. If you do love boots, then you should definitely invest in some boot socks. These add an extra bit of flare, but they also make a great pairing with outfits that you incorporate tights with.


Accessories are one of our favorite pieces to finish an outfit, and fall is a fantastic time to use them. One of the best accessories that we see during the fall are hats. From wide brimmed hats that offer plenty of texture and some fun coloring, to the soft and comfortable hats that can be thrown on even when your hair isn’t looking great, you should definitely have a few hats readily accessible for when an outfit calls for them. They are certainly one of the best ways to spice up an outfit, but also something that screams fall and can only be worn for a couple of seasons, so you might as well make the most of it!


One of the products that used to be popular, and has quickly come back, are vests. These items are fantastic for staying warm, making a statement and layering. They are also another product that comes in a variety of textures, materials and colors, so there are plenty of choices that you have when you start looking for one that you want to add to your closet.

What’s great about these articles of clothing is that you can throw them over a solid, longsleeve shirt and you’re all set for the day.They go great with leggings or jeans, so they are an extremely versatile piece to have in your closet.

Our fall favorites will continue to pour out as the season hits full swing. If you’re a big fan of these items, then make sure to keep an eye out for the products that have yet to come. We’re excited about them and we know that you will love having them there to wear throughout the season.